Spring into Something New and Book Updates

Hello fans and bloggers- how are you?

I am hoping you aren’t too doped up on allergy medicine to read this blog or conduct your other activities- the body’s natural defense is histamines to block the environment and that makes us all sleepy.

My books will be hosted on this website but I am trying to have it so fans can actually sign real mailing lists and I feel I will be able to make this a reality soon.

The Books.

Korin’s Interlude is not finished. I am so sorry, but it is being written. I never imagined how daunting a task it will be to work full time hours and write at the same time and I also write articles for the web- super difficult.

However, my New Adult Romance “Breaking You” is in the editing phase. As a treat, you can read a few chapters and tell me what you think!(I will give the dates it will be posted, just try back here next time!)

Have you been writing? What are you writing?

Don’t forget it is poetry month so I will be posting up some poems for review as well as a nifty book soon to be published which is the perfect glossary  for all poets!


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