‘Breathe Into Me’ New Adult Book Has Drama Served Up

Cyberbullying. Sex. Drinking. Abuse.

Breathe Into Me by Sara Fawkes

All of this in Sara Fawkes’ latest New Adult title, “Breathe Into Me”. The protagonist, Lacey is in an abusive relationship with Macon and she is friends with Ashley- a party-goer, drinker…and backstabber.

One night while at a club,  Lacey spots a gorgeous, mysterious heartthrob lounging in the club and she caught his eye as well. Everett is what any female clamor for: he is hot, he is intelligent, he is romantic and charming and is so full of dark secrets it sure isn’t funny. Lacey has enough to deal with in her life in the trailer park with a wicked grandmother and absentee, drunkard of a mom but she loves her little brother so much and it wrenches tears from you as you see the love Lacey has for her brother Davy.

And through all her mess, Everett is there for her and even offers her a place to stay for a short while in an old plantation home that is well known around the Mississippi town. Well, Lacey has a secret of her own as well. Things just get thicker and thicker as pressure builds between the pages.

I loved the climax of the book and the character of Everett. I feel Lacey was a bit two-faced when he revealed his secret. Once you  learn what his secret is, you may disagree with me- understandable, but forgiveness should reign supreme…right?


*Book received for my unbiased review from Netgalley for St. Martin’s Griffin



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