Wake Up O’ Sleeping Stone

*Since April is poetry month, I will share what awakens the green-eyed one within me in verse…


Green Eyed Dragon
Eyes of Green Dragon by Avia Alceda

Still waters unbroken by terrific chaos

and all is well within this desert land

until one with more peaks, valleys and bountiful

beating hearts, blood coursed veins

continuous movement.


And now…


he moves no more, lying still

so very still, he is stoned,

vaulted in stone and carried away

reaped away by one whom we cannot see

but all must meet in that final hour.


How many deserves this fate more than he?


I can think of two, three…maybe twenty

who should take my father’s place

in that cold sanctuary, where meditation is



I envy you daughters! Sons! Who have your fathers

still in this world, heart beating and bleeding

and you are joyful for it.


This gem, this green jewel I will hold

but I am not sad

because we all must meet him-the one we cannot see

but not too early.

-By Erica J



3 thoughts on “Wake Up O’ Sleeping Stone

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