“Waking Up Pregnant”, review of what happens when you sleep in Vegas

Waking Up PregnantWaking Up Pregnant by Mira Lyn Kelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A trip down to Vegas ends up a trip into the arms of the most gorgeous waitress Jeff Norton has ever laid eyes on. As soon as he met Darcy, she had to be his and for one night- she was his.

Darcy Penn did not know what she was getting into when warm hazel eyes and ruggedly handsome Jeff wanted to have fun with her. Usually she is steely and cautions herself away from guys but there was something about him and so after that one night he left her a little gift…pregnancy.

It is not that the author Mira Lyn Kelly is offering up that sleeping with people on first dates is cool, but “Waking Up Pregnant” offers two characters from two totally different backgrounds who found something after one night of passion. Even though they used prophylactics, Darcy still ends up pregnant and her insecurities and bad history causes her to not trust Jeff.

Jeff on the other hand is someone women these days would root for and hunt down to keep. His constant protectiveness over Darcy, the fact he will travel miles just to see her again and his doting on her and the baby and willingness to take care of her is unreal. Sure there are men out there who actually takes care of their responsibilities, but Jeff was “too perfect” in this work.

Here’s a good quote that stands out: “Yeah I’m losing it a little thinking about one of them catching your attention. Because you’ll catch theirs. Everyone, Darcy. So self-serving bastard that I am, I’m going to be driving out here seven days a week with the straight-up intention of sabotaging her efforts.”(from Waking Up Pregnant, p. 222)

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Book Details:

*Waking Up Pregnant, Mira Lyn Kelly

Published: Harlequin Kiss(2014)

ISBN: 978-0-373-17893-3


*Available now on the Kindle for $1.99!


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