Tracking an Author: Update on ‘Breaking You’ and Genie Stories

Hi fans!

Thank you for being patient with me as I write my books. Along with my own projects I have been promoting other authors as well via reviews on this blog and choosing novels I particularly enjoyed on the side panel as “Smashwords Book of the Week” or “Netgalley  Features” so please check those out because these authors are something to watch out for.

Other news: I have completed the novella “Breaking You” . If you recall, I began the story as part of a WordPress challenge. It si the story of friendship, lust, love and forbidden wants. I am happy to say it is done but has to be edited and formatted and I will keep you posted on how that is going.

Now, on to genies. I have not neglected them. Paranormal fiction needs to make sense even though it is set in another world and so I think that was my greatest challenge and hopefully I can have some of it completed by my own deadline(which I have failed before). For now you can always check out my Books section on this blog which will redirect you to Smashwords and other books I have written.

Again, I am excited this year because it is a time for new things and revamping structures be it physical or structures we have set up in our minds.



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