Rescued by Priscilla West(Wrecked #2)

Rescued(Wrecked #2)Honestly, I favor Wrecked more because of the initial meeting between Lorrie and Hunter

Rescued(Wrecked, #2)

CreateSpace Independent Publishing(2014)

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Let’s begin with a brief backdrop for those who want to know. In Wrecked, Lorrie met this hot MMA cage fighter named Hunter. The way they met is quite interesting and intense and it actually defines their entire relationship throughout both books in the Arrowhart College series.

On to the Rescued review. Was it good? Bad? Bleh?

Rescued has some good things going for it more than bad things. So, here they are: BEWARE OF SOME SPOILERS BELOW!!

  • Lorrie makes it to her aunt and uncle’s house and she gets counseling regularly it appears- most of her session centers around her mother’s murder and of course Hunter.
  • Surprise! Hunter shows up and Lorrie does not know whether this is good or bad.
  • I am so happy West has fully developed Hunter’s character as a guy with strength, flaws, compassion and a huge heart. Team Hunter over here!
  • The dynamic between Lorrie, Hunter and even her family is something beautiful and rare. Her aunt and uncle really adores Hunter and Hunter despite having MS flare ups, he finds time to encourage Lorrie on her quest to get answers from Marco, her mother’s murder. Basically, Rescued is exactly what it means, someone is being rescued and watch for symbols and signs from Book 1 to show up in this one as well  😉

There are no bad things I can say about this book aside from the fact that it is more doom and gloom for many of the chapters but that is reality. If you read between the lines though, you will see that although Lorrie has an internal battle and Hunter has an external/internal conflict, they both learn to really lean on one another. They are bigger than their problems and those scenes really cut into my heart and made me realize that maybe we should all be like Hunter.

Because even when things look dim, those around you who supports you can light up your life and you will never lose.

But you must read Rescued to learn if Hunter really does win or if his problem swallows him and Lorrie right up.

I encourage anyone who is into drama, MMA, and romance to read this series. It is intense and sexy.

Why haven’t you grabbed your copy today?

*ARC receved for my unbiased review from Priscilla West


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