Say Forever, Something More Overall Review

Say Forever
I finally finished “Say Forever” by Tara West and I am pleased as well as intrigued by some of the minor characters. It was their untold stories that held me captive  and it is also a sign of a good writer. In Say Forever, Christina goes through some serious drama with her and Andres’ family. And Andres, poor Andres- he wants to marry Christina but fears he may hurt her more than help the relationship. He is still having nightmares about his past and now that Christina is definitely pregnant, it leaves no doubt that he must marry her even though he is working rough, long hours and barely get to  see her.

What got on my nerves were the families and their response to Christina’s wedding ideas. Her (birth) mom, bless her heart wanted to be involved with  wedding since she missed her child’s early years but even she came off as too demanding and the drama it caused is something you’d have to read for yourself to find out.

Andres’ aunt and his “evil” cousin tried to dictate what Christina will wear to the wedding and even questions her religion, her faithfulness and other upsetting questions; and one of them accuses her of only wanting the money Andres will inherit…

With my heart pounding, the only thing I could wonder is: Will Andres and Christina ever survive this?

Overall Series Review and Minor Character Notes

In a whole, I will say this was a wonderful, sexy, dramatic series to get into. West has certainly earned my sympathy points for a few characters in the books.

Starting with Andres. In Say Yes, he was this tall, broad latino man who was drawn to Christina from day one. He appeared to be so strong and so confident. Over the course of a few chapters and in all three books we soon discover that Andres is a human too. He suffers from pain, nightmares, regrets and fear of what the future may hold. In fact, this made me like Andres more.

Believe it or not even Michael, Christina’s rich ex fiance is a product of a bad environment and horrible choices. In the first installment he is everything a woman can hate: he mistreats Christina, slept with her best friend and even his “bedroom” tactics are not enough to make up for the first two failures- so of course Christian traded up to Andres.

But he comes from an immoral family so he really has no good examples and he is just an overall jerk to be quite honest. But in the few scenes he appears, he seems like a shell of what he should be and could have been with Christina and I bet he misses her terribly.

If you are reading this, just get the books. They are really very good.

*ARC received for my unbiased review from the author.

Quote Byte:  “The problem is I do hear her. Because her voice is the same voice of worry that has been running through my head. I do fear what my future may hold.”(West, T., Say Forever: pg.  174, 2014)


Say Yes(Book #1)     Say When(Book #2)

*ARC received for my unbiased review from the author.


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