Why New Writers Need Rules for Creativity

Rules and More RulesI am not a fan of rules. Who is? I like doing what I want to do.

But when it comes to creative writing, I’d like to have some rules and if you are new to writing at all whether it be research papers, online pieces , poetry or novels you’d be prudent to consult some reference materials or get taught the proper way of doing things.

That way your brain will be forced to be ultra creative and you will eventually find awesome ways to bend or break the rules.

Recently I read an article on CreateSpace by Richard Ridley on “Formulaic Writing”(You would have to log in to CreateSpace and read the forums to view the page). He writes,

For example, if you’re writing horror or romance or mystery or any genre fiction, there are certain elements that are usually tied to those types of stories. They aren’t hard-and-fast rules. You won’t be kicked out of the genre club if you don’t follow the rules, but following those rules can help you be more creative and provide helpful guideposts for mapping out your story.

When writing poetry I would get inspired and jot down some items and then try to mix it in the soup of literary craft and whatever I got-that’s what I went with. But for my book, “Sea of Iron Hands” I actually worked on some poetic exercises while adding my own experience to the formula and was amazed at what I found.

Creative fiction can work the same way. In fact the Story Engineering book by Larry Brooks was such a blessing to me because he emphasizes that you can write a book if you know some of the formulas most writers use without even realizing it(hope this encourages you!)

And if you want to know the “physics” of a story, making it the best you can, try Brooks’s Story Physics: Harnessing the Underlying Forces of Storytelling(Jun 18 2013) with nearly 30 five star reviews from Amazon!

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