The Nerve of Me…

So, three things may have caused me to probably get on people’s nerves- including my own.

One, I have not forgotten about the genies. I have been working on Korin’s story but the story was going in all the wrong places and so…I scrapped it and began again. At the same time a love story has been brewing without the paranormal elements of course. Frustration

Which brings me to number two: “Breaking You” is a love story I have been thinking of for a while and even posted up one of the character’s perspective on this blog. The amazing thing, I am almost done and hopefully by mid February, I can have some editing done to it. I am so in love with this book because it has drama…serious drama, but it is a love triangle where one romantic possibility should not happen or would be very awkward if it did.

Third…I have a new job. So between work, online journalism and writing up these books- I am SUPER busy and at the same time am trying to put out good stuff for my readers.

But this isn’t about me.

Have you hit on a nerve today as well?

Share! 🙂


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