Say Yes(Book 2 of Something More Series) by Tara West

Say Yes (Something More #2)Say Yes by Tara West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Christina and Andres are back again in Tara West’s 2nd book in the Something More series and just when I thought the drama was over. It really has only begun here.

Christina’s personality is not one I like very much. She can be very whiny and extremely selfish but she loves Andres a lot and adores baby Tyler- her friend Karrie’s child.

Oh and that child was fathered by her ex fiance and best friend Karrie and that is not the only foundation this book is built on.

Not to get too psychological and all, but considering Christina has a jacked up background, there is little wonder she does not engage in marriage and kids discussions with Andres. As handsome as he is and even compassionate, Christina feels having kids right now or even in the near future is a waste of time. “This world is f’d up” she keeps saying. “Why bring children into this world?”

Then there is Jackson-her ex fiance who is stepping up to the plate to be a father to baby Tyler and wishes Christina were the mother. Andres gets the feeling Jackson wants Christina back…he may be right. But Christina loses someone very special in this book and she also has to decided if even being with Andres is possible since he wants a family and she does not.

There are many questions to ponder: Is Christina mentally stable enough to have a family? Should Andres keep pressuring her about marriage-or is it his family pressuring him? Will Christina stop letting the past control who she can love back in the present?

A very, very good follow up to “Say When”.

Thanks Tara West!

*This book was received for my unbiased review from the author herself.

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