Say When by Tara West, One Night of Passion and Too Many Secrets

Take a rich girl with amazing artistic skills and a sexy, Latin man with a crippling secret and nightmares- and toss in a few drinks, a dance and a one night stand and you have “Say When”. Say When

Christina is engaged to Jackson. A rich but abusive man that she can’t take anymore. Her mother loves him because he is rich and one day Christina dumps him- for good. She meets Andres that same night and sleeps with him and it is a mind blowing experience neither of them can forget and Andres does not  want to let Christina go.

You see. Christina has chased away his nightmares. Andres feel he can live again. Christina feels warm and safe and wanted in Andres arms and he see her art as more than just paintings. He appreciates it and shows her with his actions.

I could not handle Christina’s mom. She is loud, drunk and so accusatory. Christina’s friend Karri is no different- she is also addicted to sex and drugs and Christina is in the middle. She is trying to figure out where she needs to be in life without her mom’s controlling ideas. Watch out for some disturbing plot in this book. Some parts are tear jerkers or actually will make you cringe.

I love how Andres and Christina are from two different worlds. They connect so well with one another and yet there are secrets between them…

I think this was a pretty awesome story and will love to begin the second one.

*Try Tara West’s Say Yes, Book 2 in the Something More Series .

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