Authorpreneur or author?

Authors and authorpreneurs are one and the same, yet reside on different islands of thought and actions.

For example-I write books, eBooks, poetry, and web articles and so I had so many labels the past three or four years that may or may not have been accurate: communication specialist(yeah, right?), author, author and poetess, writer, and novelist.

So my email signatures at the bottom evolved each season because I am not one for labels, but goodness what am I? Who are we that write and publish on our own and come up with our own  PR strategies?


I found out about this word maybe last year around this time and I kept my distance from it because I had to be sure I knew what it meant. Using common sense and logic, the two words combined are author and entrepreneur, pretty much tells the story.

The Author

The author in my opinion is someone who would fit in most of our definitions of a writer. This person sets time each day to write and they make it their business to submit queries to publishers. They do research, they pretty much write. There is more to it than that, but in a nutshell they create stories and sometimes they have other jobs as well. Actually, it is good to have a job on the side even if you are a serious writer.

Click here for a full article on How to Think Like an Authorpreneur and What You Need to become an authorpreneur.

The Authorpreneur

The authorpreneur has a slightly different operation. Yes we write and create stories but the internet has offered something even more beautiful. It has offered us a way to be more “business” like because we focus on more than creating words.

The ability to self publish and cut down on the “middle person”.

I don’t have a development team backing me, marketing me or promoting me. When I am through with writing a book, I have to seek out design options for the interior and exterior pages. I have to seek out my own editor(or edit myself). I have to do public relations, and even design my own blog and webpage, I have to create my own marketing and campaign kit.

It is like a business.

I am passionate about what I do and I enjoy entertaining people with words- it is the best job in the world, but it is challenging because while writing you have to be a market researcher and pr specialist.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website



So what are the key differences?

  1. An author writes and gets their work published and usually receive large advances from publishers for their work.
  2. An authorpreneur is a business person, they do…everything.
  3. Now, the two can mesh together when an author finds that they have to promote themselves more or if they have some creative impact on their work.



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