Tracking an Author: Genies Have Dreams…A Preview of Korin

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More posts coming soon concerning the series and other books to come. 🙂
Gorgeous blond anime man

So without further ado, below is a small preview of Korin Striata from the next book in the Mark of Fortune Series. (The image to the right is definitely not the cover for the eBook, LOL! It is simply for this post)


Korin Striata

We are not supposed to have children. But Stone has gotten Samosa pregnant and for the life of me- I do not know how. The science escapes me. I can say it is the power of their passion or that maybe Stone is not really a genie. But both explanations do not stand.

My days are filled with loneliness and dreams of the past. Yes, genies have dreams. But children? We are not capable of that. Impossible! That would makes us creators and the Grand Marid will not have that. Lately, it has been a little chilly in the air. A sizzle and crackle in my body when I step outside. I don’t think we and the humans are alone.

The Grand Marid will make an appearance soon.

He will be hungry for souls I must collect.

He will learn about Stone and Samosa- eventually.

And I must be ready.


I have been so hungry. For souls. At night I tear off my clothes and touch the inky black mark across my abs. It is in the shape of a 7. I trace my fingers around its edges and the sensation from my fingers is delicious as the small tentacles press through the skin and flick in and out, waiting for someone to host it.

But who?

Will it be male? Female?

Who needs a wish granted so I can change their world and feed?

Do I have to jump planets to find that someone?

I can’t do that anymore!

But I am so hungry…



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