Smashwords Authors, Support For Your Books is One Blog Away

I have been thinking about all the really cool books I have been reading and  have been watching the readership for my Mark of Fortune series grow.e-reader and print books

So a plan developed. An infant plan, but a good one, I think.

How about supporting one another? Here is my plan:

  • *Once a month, any Smashwords author must download a free/purchase book from Smashwords(downloads and purchases does not exclude B&N, Nook, Kobo, and other e-tailers.
  • You don’t have to be a Smashwords writer to support this plan.
  • Remember, this is only once a month and you don’t have a time frame to read a book. Just review it.
  • How will the author know someone read the book? Review it anywhere and let the author know by either adding them to your Smashwords favorite list or emailing/Tweet/Facebook/etc. them to let them know what you think!

I am unsure how this will turn out because there are so many sites out there  that allow you to download books for free but you must return them after so many days and so you have a time frame.

This isn’t about time frame, it is about remembering and honoring hard working self published writers who wants the readership.

These are tentative plans.

What do you think? Have any suggestions?

I will post the Smashwords book of the month on the side panel of my blog along with appropriate links, linking back to the author.

*Once a month is just an appropriate time for me to read and complete a book, your time may be different, yours may be every two months or every week? Either way, this is simply about support.


4 thoughts on “Smashwords Authors, Support For Your Books is One Blog Away

  1. I think this is a great idea! I’ve already supported one author friend over there, but happy to support more. And would love for some to check out my book, as well! Will watch your blog for updates!

    • Thanks for the Like and comment, Heather! I was thinking about books that are undiscovered on Smashwords and authors put their hard work into it and realistically I can’t read them all, but my goal is to select one each month to purchase or buy. I think this will be fun!

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