Recent and Old Pitfalls to Self Publishing

Thank goodness for DIY (Do It Yourself) ventures we all can partake in. Specifically creating a book that will sell takes effort and thick skin and sometimes money. In recent years, self publishing has went from barely recognizable and shunned to a money maker for people like Amanda Hocking and a category creator.Stack of Books

Some Recent and Old Pitfalls to Self Publishing

  • I will warn you now, Self Publishing is still hit pretty hard when it comes to trust. Readers want to know they can trust you to deliver a fantastic story and not just words on a page that they paid for.
  • Design quality is a must. My Kiss of Stone eBook took time to really plan out, but the cover  took longer to find. It had to be different and say something symbolically. The cover of a book is the first thing readers see. They will judge it. Make it great.
  • Finally, in more recent news, readers are returning Indie books. Say what! Amazon has a policy that says eBooks can be returned 7 days after purchase for a full refund. Some of the community actually agrees with this policy(I don’t). We are unsure of how much an author had to put into their books, whether time or money or time and money, either way for someone to just read my precious words and then turn it back in would really hurt my feelings. At least give an honest review- you owe yourself that much. But, that is the world of publishing in general. Some will like your stories, others will loathe it and they will get over it. So will you.

If you have any other advice, questions or comments, please add them here and be a love and share this post with your friends 🙂


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