DP Weekly Challenge: The Character That Haunts Me in “Breaking You”

ocean sunset beautiful - ocean sunset wallpaper
Burning Sunset

“So. This is an odd spot to pick for a quick chat,” Dawn Lisa sat on a boulder, erected from the abandoned construction site overlooking downtown. It overlooked the burning sun and the light laid upon her dark legs and seemed to make her sunburst tattoo glow beside her right eye. Her  amber eyes twinkled in expectation. I could barely swallow my spit before saying anything to her.

“I’ve made my decision. I’m staying.” There. I said it. Dawn Lisa narrowed her eyes. “Why do you always look suspicious. Ever since we were little you always distrust what someone says before they say it. It leads to bad karma.” Dawn Lisa shook her head slowly. Her natural twists were like long, ebony snakes and to be honest, she was beautiful. She will always be the most beautiful girl in my world. I’ve known her since we were five.

She could just never be my girl. She was too…

She sighed. “I see. ” She brushed her hands along her white sundress and slid down the boulder to rest her long body against it-tucked her knees up and held her chin on them. This was her sad posture. I made her upset. So being the gentleman and the friend I was, I went over to her. Not hugging her, but sat close enough.

“You always wanted the corporate life and I assume Mage fits your personality…and taste.” Her amber eyes were twin lights as the sun’s hit it. The ocean water gently lapped the rocks. This would be a soothing conversation, just like the waves and the foam if the subject matter were different.

“Mage and I have so much in common, Dawn Li,” I began saying her nickname.

“Don’t. Don’t call me that.”

“Why not? We are still friends, right?”

Dawn Lisa turned towards me and what I saw there took my breath away. My mother always told me when a girl looks at you the way Dawn Lisa just did, they were in love with you and for a moment your heart stops. Dawn Lisa’s tears filled up her eyes, her irises were drowning but they were full of passion. A cross of fluffy love and raw passion.

And I had none to give back. Her shoulders shook. “I understand. I can’t make you love me back the way I wish.” She bit her bottom lip and hugged her knees tighter. “Damn! Antonio is it because I am too ethnic? Too dark? Too carefree? I can change! Really I can.” She put her soft hand on mine and it took so much will to hold hers without kissing her. I had to remind myself this was the right thing to do.

“That’s silly. We’re both cocoa skinned. Hush about all that.” The truth could be that marriage, kids, traveling and being total freelancers was just not for me. Mage was sexy and very intelligent- but so was Dawn Lisa. Dawn Lisa was too free, too not grounded.

“Our priorities are so different.”

“I can change,” she repeated scooting closer so I could smell her vanilla and shea butter scent. She was so natural. So clean. She was like a sister to me too, just hot.

Holding HandsHot enough for me to take her hand and pull her close- so I did and I kissed her forehead, then as her eyes drifted closed, I kissed those lids and finally, for the first time in both our lives, I sampled her lips. Those sweet lips! She moaned and I felt the wetness from her tears slip to our mouths, its saltiness a testament to something I think could be dangerous…

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3 thoughts on “DP Weekly Challenge: The Character That Haunts Me in “Breaking You”

    • Hi Suzanne!

      Thanks for the like!This story has been churning in my mind for a while this year and to be honest, the female character is the one I took notes for! As I wrote, I cared more for Antonio’s thoughts for some reason. Not sure.

      I will definitely be working on this for my next book. You just encouraged me 🙂

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