For those nano writers who are still under 15k words-it’s not too late

Bella Andre

This is for all of you who are below 15K in your Nano writing.

What’s wrong?

I get it. I have not even touched at least 17K right now and I can tell you exactly what’s wrong with me. These are not excuses I am about to expose, but things going on that I allowed to hinder my writing. We all know that when doing Nano Wrimo, nothing- and I mean NOTHING is supposed to get in your way of writing that book.

So I went back to look at a Pep Talk session with USA Today Bestselling Author, Bella Andre. You can find her Pep Talk on Nano Wrimo, just check under “Writer’s Goods.

As jealous as I get of other self pubbed writers who make it big, I really had to take her advice:

No matter where you are, the book is the most important thing…Finishing your book will require great focus and determination.”

That means even if you are working a regular job, you better make time to write at least 1,000 words per day. Keep up with your nano stats to see how many words you need to meet the goal and when you may be finished.

I mentioned before that I have slacked. Having to move around town again, working a few online jobs and dealing with my social media addiction-just no excuse.

If Bella Andre had not been focused. then her awesome books below would not have been born. She does admit that she hit boulders in her writing career as well, but check these out and see her five star books in their glossy glory:


Alright, so now that you’ve ogled someone else’s success, go ahead and make your own.

If you were just inspired(or felt kicked in the pants like I have), please share this post with your friends 🙂

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