Tracking an Author: Transitions, Nano and farewell…

A New Website

For the last few years I have been posting book reviews and writing savvy tips on this blog as well as try to make it a home for my “author site” and so far it has been going great. But I am now expanding my site by hosting another one for a specific age group.

The Write Web will be my official author’s home meaning it will focus solely on my writing projects and will be a place for fans of my stories- like a basic website. Now, you will still get the encouragement you need from my blog and I am more than happy to post about my journey on self-publishing so that you can literally see how this system works.

My Nano Journey So Far…

I am working on Book 3 in the Mark of Fortune series and it is coming along quite well, I am pleased. Naturally because it is Nano WriMo month I have to just go with the flow. I love how the characters do the dictating in this stage and how the chapters are going in many delicious directions.

In the end though, during edits I will have more control.

Genies, romance, and the battle with good and evil within are topics for the book.

What are you writing about? Share here! 🙂


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