NaNo WriMo: The inception of a story grows by November 1

Creative Writing
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November 1st is almost here and my entire body knows NaNo is here, it is forcing my brain to hear the voices of the characters ever more clearly and I can’t jot down notes fast enough. The beauty of it though, is while I am daydreaming and note-taking, there are cover design images filtering in my mind. Ever been through that? You think of a story and you can see what it will “grow up” and become instantly?

The time has come to really buckle down. Right now I urge you writers to begin thinking of your plots, your characters and their motivations- in my opinion this will make for smooth writing in the beginning and you will reach that 50k. I am cheering myself on and I am cheering on all of you who are cracking your knuckles and await 11/1/2013.

More exciting things are happening this year: the holidays, family gathering, birthdays- but what can be more exciting then knowing you have fulfilled your 50,000 word count and can possibly hold your book in your hands by next year? Or if you find an agent, you could be HarperCollins’ or David C. Cook’s next gem in the industry?

Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, check out my new and classic Nanowrimo blog posts for resources, inspiration and other stuff.

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