‘Switch on Your Brain’ the 21 Day Detox Plan With Dr. Caroline Leaf

According to researchers, 75-98 percent of illnesses can be attributed to our brain. Dr. Caroline Leaf has made it her life quest to teach everyone about how amazing our brain is and how toxic thinking can stink up our perception of life and let us down.

I remember the first time I heard of Dr. Leaf. She was on TBN a couple of years ago and was explaining how dark thoughts that are out of control can eventually control us. But there is a way to brighter days.

In “Switch On Your Brain” * Dr. Leaf promises that in 21 days we can detoxify our minds. In the book, she makes a few great points that even while reading, helps begin the healing process before the 21-Day Detox plan. If you can get through the first 130+ pages describing the mind, brain, and quantum theories as it pertains to Scripture, then you will be fine. The 21 Day plan starts in the middle of the book. Just a fair warning.

The first point I learned is that the brain is different from the mind. I knew this from previous philosophy classes, but Dr. Leaf assures us that there is a critical difference. Before, many doctors and scientists taught that the brain is physical and pre-programmed and therefore a person is stuck in the depression or illness and need meds all the time.

Not true.

With detoxing, you can get your healthy brain cells back and what is really cool is each chapter has  Scripture for thought pertaining to the mind and encourages you on your “detoxing” journey.

Second, our brain is neuroplastic-“meaning it can change and grow”(14). If our brains can change and grow, then we have to be mindful of our thoughts. What are we allowing in?

We can not control outside circumstances, but we can control our reaction to it. Toxic thoughts like: doubt, unbelief, fear, anger- changes our brain and it causes us to become something that will require an act of God for healing. That is where detoxing comes in.

Another powerful point, Dr. Leaf makes is your parents or your past does not make you who you are. This is predisposition, not destiny. Do not make genetics your god. You can live a long healthy life full of joy. And her book is here to help.

There are so many important facts listed in this book and what becomes repetitive is actually what you’ll need to remember as you go through the detox plan:

  1. Mind controls matter
  2. Choice and your multiple-perspective advantage
  3. Your choices change your brain
  4. Catch those thoughts
  5. Entering into directed rest
  6. Stop milkshake-multitasking
  7. Thinking, God, and the quantum physics brain
  8. The science of thought

The very first half of the book was powerful to read and coupled with sound biblical wisdom, you can get your life back just from the beginning of the book. After scanning through the 21 Day Detox plan, I know that I would buy this book for myself.

*Book received for my unbiased review from Netgalley


6 thoughts on “‘Switch on Your Brain’ the 21 Day Detox Plan With Dr. Caroline Leaf

  1. There is an online 21 day guided course by Dr.Leaf, $29. I’m going to try that out and maybe write my own blog post review. I get the impression that if you follow her guidelines wholeheartedly then it will succeed, but you’ve got to give it 100%. We’ll see. Its an exciting concept that we can change our brain to experience better health. I’m up for it.

  2. I really should try to be more positive. The mind and body are certainly linked. So many people for example feel better when they take a placebo just because they think it is good for them.

    • Exactly, meaning that if they were to only “change their mind”, they would not need a sugar pill to “help” them. Many books that are out there like Caroline Leaf’s, basically teaches us to change our mind. I like her books though because she gives a background of brain health and give practical insight in her books.

    • I never got to finish the entire book(it was loaned to me for a certain period of time). But the first half of the book has interesting advice I pondered over. Positive thinking seems to be the key. I have infused it with my beliefs. Everything isn’t magical however, it takes work. 😊

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