Know your characters’ motivation, prepare for NaNoWriMo

This is not cheating.
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More like- preparing. Trust me.

So what I have done is thought of  possible stories to write during NANOWRIMO. For some reason, I always have a slump after 30K words and then I am just fired up and mad.

This is not an outline. It is simply something I learned while reading Writer’s Digest last week. In fact, this tip can help with writing anytime.

*Try “Leads to Logic”

This is your basic lead into what the heck your story will be about. The “bare bones” if you will:

Introduction——–> Change———->Conflicts———–>(Choices)Crises——->Resolutions

You will write a brief sentence introducing your story, then what changes occur that affects the character, which leads to conflicts which then leads to choices they must make a midst the crises(what crises will arise?) and then it is resolved in some way.

Next bring in your characters. This next tip will help you focus on the characters’ motives:

(Name of Character) wants (Goal to be achieved) because (Motivation for acting) but faces (Conflict standing in the way)

Example: Chelsea wants her best friend to go to the hospital to receive medical help because she cares for her a lot and Chelsea has knowledge of what this illness can do in the long run, but faces hidden secrets and huge grudges thrown her way as well as financial crises preventing her and friend from speaking to one another and healing one another.

That is so not the quick story I wanted to do, but you get the point: Who is your character and what is their motivation?

Now it is possible to just sketch a story based on character. I have been working on it lately. If I understood the article correctly you will need both techniques to flesh out a story. So far it has only taken up one page for each story.

As I said, I am working on it and will report if it works for me.

But with these tips for sketching out a story you will at least have something concrete to see before writing. An outline takes too long for me and I like surprising myself along the way.

Let me know if you have tried this or know of any other tips. As always, please Tweet, Facebook, Email, or comment. 🙂

*Article written in September/October 2013 issue of Writers Digest by Karen S. Weisner

**Bonus: Click to download your free story plan checklist by Karen S. Weisner!

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