Contrast list of humor: What’s the difference between your 20s and 30s?

I’ve been thinking about my age lately and how much I have changed or rather how much I have stayed the same.

I am unafraid to give my age because quite frankly, 85% percent of the time, I feel like a lovely 19 year old. Yet I am 31. I love watching anime, love cute teddy bears and I have recently began eating healthier and working out more- so plenty of times I feel quite awesome. Another reason for me feeling awesome, is my Heavenly Father. He gives me joy. My husband gives me joy here on this earth and so I suppose it radiates outward. I drink plenty of water and recently began getting at the least- 8 hours of rest(at the least!)

I don’t keep up with this regime often and I currently live with twenty somethings whose characters remind me daily that my husband and I are NOT one of them. Here is a little list I put together of the differences between those in the 20s and those in their 30s. The age difference is small, but there are key behavioral differences.


If you are Twenty Something You:

  • believe the world is your oyster, we are all squirrels.
  • actually enjoy working out
  • like to go out(all the time)
  • just learned something and now you are an “expert”
  • jumped on the Go Green wagon
  • fit into all of your jeans
  • have serious smooth skin and bone structure
  • have an abundance of energy
  • are dating around, or are at least engaged
  • in college
  • just completing college or other form of higher education
  • never had children(or one or two)
  • know you look good(rain, shine, night or day)

If You Are Thirty Something You:

  • finally realize you never knew squat
  • call taking the stairs “working out”(it really is!)
  •  have settled into a routine
  •  really are an expert in some things-not all
  • only “Go Green”  on a Spinach, green leafy diet to clean your bowels
  • your jeans hug parts of your body that went unexplored lately
  • your face has begun to gently fill out(hey, where’s the bones?!)
  • your energy is gone at about 1pm
  •  are married and have children, or at least have a cozy predictable life
  • going to college(online of course)
  • just completed college and/or found that good career
  • know for  a fact you don’t look as good anymore or rather you can create an “illusion” of looking cute

Some of these you may disagree with. As I said before, this is subjective and objective so many of it is based on my experience, other statements are from observing what is around me. There are some thirty year olds who actually like to hang out and have an abundance of energy and have not lost their spunk(that’s the category me and hubby are in) but some days I am lethargic and feel every bit of 31.

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