OMG love triangles, war and deliria: Review of ‘Requiem’

Requiem (Delirium, #3)Requiem by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading “Requiem” took me through hills, shrubs, and patterns of roses and lilies that honestly I expected from such a descriptive author who knows how to tell a good story. For me, Requiem have so much going for it and then for some reason- something fell a little flat- but I still love Oliver’s writings.

See  where it all began in the Delirium Trilogy!(Click each image for more information)

Cureds vs. Invalids

As I said before, I actually enjoy Oliver’s attention to detail and her beautiful action scenes told with ripping verbs and adjetives and the setting is what helps me picture this war between the Invalids and the Cureds. Essentially that is what Requiem is about. Everything is coming to a head now and Lena, the protagonist is stronger, smarter and faster. She hunts and she fights. Her best friend Hana is on the other side, cured and about to marry a heartless mayor.

Not a fan of different character POV per chapter

This book is told from Lena and Hana’s point of view. This is what made me wary of reading the book in the first place. There is just something about two or more characters taking turns that really just cramps my reading. I think it is because I am wanting to continue the first protagonist’s journey and so I suppose I am greedy that way.

And it somehow fits into the framework of the story.

O ye love triangle

Then there’s the love triangle: Lena, Alex and Julian. I enjoy love triangles in books…if there can be a serious resolution that is. If you read “Pandemonium”, the previous novel- Alex finds Lena kissing Julian and he is mad. Lena thought Alex was dead and so of course she moved on. Then in Requiem, Alex finds himself a little honey to occupy his time, but even still Lena knows he must still love her. Right?

Meanwhile, my heart bleeds for Julian. He has fallen for Lena big time and he does everything he can to fit into the Wilds(remember his father was part of Deliria Free America or DFA) and he feels he has to prove himself. But then I wonder even now…does Julian love Lena for real or is it because she has a “wildness” about her- she is just different. Anyway, I like him.

You have to read to find out who she ends up with and if America really does end up deliria free.

I wish there was more to the story.

I like how the author weaves fairytales and biblical literature in her books as well- clever.

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