The power of prequels and short stories

While creating The Mark of Fortune series, I made the first “book” a little prequel into the world of genies and romance- with a dash of action and sci/fi. The next was a novella and the next?

Will be book 2.5.

Writer’s Digest me sent an email today explaining that few novelists employ the idea of writing short stories and other goodies to post on their blogs or to market. Lo and behold: It is a crafty and pretty neat way to explore characters your readers truly care about.

Other goodies include alternate endings, extra chapters, deleted scenes-you know? Just like a DVD, there are bonuses writers can hand out as their fans wait for the next book.

Popular authors like Stephenie Meyer and even Christian Fiction author Lisa T. Bergren have used the technique of offering brief back stories or short stories using minor characters. More recently, Lauren Oliver, author of the popular Delirium series, has written short stories of quite a few of her Delirium characters.

So what is Rob Eager’s-author of “Sell Your Book Like Wildifire”, advice on promoting this kind of work?

To create content that attracts more readers, look through everything you’ve written that could be turned into an interesting standalone short story.”

Who knew that short stories would be popular in 2013? They have always held a special charm for me personally, but it is so cool to pick a character seemingly not in the forefront of a novel and bring their full story to the page.

So, when I went through my writings for MOF, I found that there is one character I really wanted to explore: Korin.

That is right.

Book 3 will be right on the heels of this one, but Korin is one jinni that is complex to write. He is technically a demon, but he is one who is tired of being a lapdog for the Grand Marid(Read Book 2) and he has more of a hunger for spiritual knowledge. His story is underway right now, but I do hope that you read it when it is complete because I think we can glean lots from Korin and his companion…

Until next time, keep writing! 🙂


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