September eBook freebies and what is book 2.5?

It is a brand new month and September brings with it…Freebies! Yes, for the next few days ALL of my books from Smashwords will be free. They are all in eBook format and can be downloaded in PDF, ePub, Word, etc. Any form you like. This is my way of handing out gifts to everyone.

This is your chance to read some of my inspirational poetry and find out what happens to women when they fall for tall gorgeous genies in my Mark of Fortune fiction series. These books and links to their Smashwords pages can be found on the Books page.

Artwork by Tess-27 for

The freebies end Sunday September 15, 2013, so catch ’em quick!

Next, just what is book 2.5?

I notice some book authors have short novellas that are merely extensions of the complete novel in a series. So for Mark of Fortune, I have not completed book 3 but am working on book 2.5.

This particular book will be a short edition of a character I have fallen in love with. His story must be told well-this is also why it can be challenging as well to get my mind to be in his realm. Is he a genie? Human? What?

I will not tell yet, but it will be something to look forward to until the next books are cranked out.

Until then, enjoy the freebies and check back here often for other Mark of Fortune news.

For those of you interested in Inspirational fiction, poetry, and community based blogs on uplifting the Word of God, please head over to my sister site: Mission Possible, where my husband and I reach, teach, and feed those who are lost.

Hugs! 🙂


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