Burning as an emerald a hunger so deep, review of ‘Burning Emerald’

Burning Emerald (The Cambion Chronicles, #2)Burning Emerald by Jaime Reed

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you have not read Book 1: Living Violet, then I suggest you do so before reading this revealing review of the sequel.

The Basics of Samara and her Life as a Cambion

In “Living Violet” Samara met Caleb Baker who did not seem too appealing to the eye but had girls and women falling in lust with him and his shining violet eyes. Come to find out, Caleb is a Cambion which is a human harboring a succubus or Incubi in the bodies. These spirits crave food and mainly sex and Samara,a virgin- is not giving any loving to no one which is why she is the one girl who is repelled by Caleb’s charms.

So what now?

In Book2 : Burning Emerald, we learn a bit more about the Cambion race and it can get a bit confusing and make take a double helping of reading to really get what is going on. Samara is now a Cambion and dating Caleb. She became a Cambion because while trying to save her dying friend Nadine, the spirit, Lilith transferred into Samara’s body and now she must feed off of human’s spiritual essence on occasion to appease “Lilith” But a classmate who is very handsome and stalker-ish knows Samara and the secrets he holds and the history they shared together could ruin her relationship with Caleb.

What did I enjoy about this book?

I enjoy that the characters are multiracial. There is no one race and no one type of person. Also, the dialogue is witty, snappy, and sizzling. This is what kept up the pace for me. Samara’s interaction with the Cambion men, her quick thinking and the fact that she is seriously flawed is also a plus.

I enjoyed the fact that the book takes place in my home state Virginia. Also a bonus.

Moving on to Book 3: Fading Amber.

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