Will she be more than just an alibi? Review of ‘Friday Night Alibi’ by Cassie Mae

Random House Inc., introduces their New Adult line, Flirt. Cassie Mae kicks off the publication with Friday Night Alibi, a  funny, flirty romance about  Kelli Pinkins, an alibi to everyone else in a rich town called Sundale. For a small fee she will be anyone’s dream girlfriend or “BFF” so that they may keep their trust funds and make the parents happy. What makes the story so cute and irresistible is the humor and unique perspective on alibis.

Kelli Pinkins loves what she does. She can be anyone’s alibi for bucoup bucks and play Halo on XBOX LIVE on Fridays with Chase Maroney. Her parents seem to live in a  bubble in their own world but Kelli doesn’t care- she has her best friend Sades, a pool, and lots of money to go out if she wants.

What she does not want is to get close to anyone.

But one night, her friend invites her to a party where college guys hang out and Kelli meets an irresistible stranger who makes fun of her “space pants” and the gum that gets stuck in her hair, this stranger gets under her skin in all the wrong ways, but wait until she finds out who he really is…

There were many hilarious moments in this book and that’s what earned it the five stars. The flirtation between her and Chase is delightful but Kelli denying her feelings and wanting to be robotic was a bit much. I understand she is the “Friday Night Girl” and needs no one. However, when a guy stops by your house when you are sick and takes care of you, have you ride on his back so your feet would not touch the hot pavement, and respects you and how you feel, how can you deny that? How can you not feel something?

Favorite quote: “A gurgle goes through my belly and I clench my butt cheeks. If I..let it out, I’ll win the most embarrassing thing that happens ever contest.”(178)

Some may find Friday Night Alibi pretty easy to read,  swoon worthy, simple. Yet, when Kelli discovers that she may need an alibi herself- an alibi for why she can’t say ‘I love you’, the tension really settles in and creates a need to find out if she really can be more than just a Friday Night Alibi.

Book Details:

Friday Night Alibi

Cassie Mae

Published: Random House, Inc,-Flirt( July 29, 2013)

ISBN: 978-0-345-54881-8(Ebook)

*Book received for my unbiased review from Netgalley.


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