River runs blood, an evil glare in his eye…and we still swoon

Captain Aizen from Bleach...when his character seemed good.
Sousuke Aizen from Bleach


What is it with anime/book males who are evil that makes them also swoon worthy at the same time?

It goes completely against our nature…

Or does it?

All women are not alike.

I have been trying to figure this out. Why do women love werewolves, vampires, zombies, and men like Sosuke Aizen(image above who killed an innocent girl).

Not all women are silly and fall for it, but let me tell you what I think and I will use Aizen as an example here. I could be wrong, but hey.

Who is Captain Aizen?

I have not finished Bleach and am only on episode 63 I think, but Captain Aizen was quickly becoming my favorite. He appeared to be this kind, glasses wearing man….

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Then he kills an innocent girl who apparently admired him and that threw me off. All of a sudden, before he ascended into the clouds with Hollows, he slicks back his hair and peels off his glasses and WHAM!

Captain Aizen...hmmm, well he is still a villain through and through but at least with this image he can model for magazines, lol.

What happened?

Well, for a split second, us ladies probably forgot he killed someone in cold blood and his cold rationalizations for why he is cruel makes absolutely no sense, but from what I hear, Aizen is going to be one tough cookie to beat.

Now, it is obvious to see he is no ugly man at all. I think our base natures want to hug close on someone who is so deadly they can literally end our life and there is such stupid and insane logic in that. Such a quiet appeal that this person has become a beautiful god in our eyes- the one can end us and thus end our pain.

If only with a look. A kiss. A touch. Anything to be close to an Adonis who can make our bellies jump and our hearts pump.

And the mind to know they can end it all…with no care in the world.

The bible has an answer for this.

The bible teaches that we are constantly at war with our own flesh(anything carnal). The body wants what the body wants and the Spirit wants what God wants. (Galatians 5:17 NIV)

Naturally we are drawn to something primal, something deeper, something radical-

We are drawn to Us.

Anyway, I like how Aizen looks but he is so evil its best to kill him or leave him alone completely.

That’s the right thing- right? 🙂


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