Give your characters freedom…

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby

Getting into the mind of a character can be daunting, delicious, and make you delirious, but it is necessary.

Authors can be quoted as saying they have “interviewed” their murders, angels, romantic lovers, crazies, and any other person one would normally not want to speak with- yet, this is necessary.

In “The Artful Edit”, by Susan Bell, she uses The Great Gatsby’s main character Gatsby himself as an example for knowing your character. F. Scott Fitzgerald himself said he had to make long notes of pages and even had his wife hand draw what Gatsby may look like.
“He knew Gatsby better than he knew his own son”(quoted in The Artful Edit, Bell, 2008)

Would you like to learn how to write “deep” characters? Check these books out!

In my opinion, character is everything. Their passion, motivations or lack thereof makes up the meat of the story. When people review, they love the action/plot, but many will say, “Eh, characters fell flat for me.”

In fact, every structure of a story is valuable, it’s just I’d rather get into the heads of people- I love that stuff.

So when I set out to write the Mark of Fortune series, I thought of Samosa and why she may be cynical and gullible at the same time. I think I could have spent more time learning more about her, and the more I bring Stone into the picture, the more I want to know about him which is why my next book(which I hope to focus on) must wait a while.

Stone has his own story and as an author, I’d like to impose my will on who he is, but I have to hold back power.

It is like being God.

Create us. Give us limitations. But allow us to work within those limits-

So we may live.


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