‘Redeemed in Darkness’ had spice and heart at the same time… loved it

Redeemed in Darkness (Paladins of Darkness, #4)The chemistry between these two crackles on the page so be careful of getting burned when you read this one.

Redeemed in Darkness by Alexis Morgan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Paladin Series picks up right where “In Darkness Reborn” left off. I am still in love with that one, however, “Redeemed in Darkness” is a special favorite because of the spicy romance between a Paladin and his lover- from the Other side.

Cullen Finley, a Paladin warrior must deliver a message to Barak’s sister Lusahn q’Arc. She is the beautiful Other he met and fought with earlier, and ever since that deadly dance he wanted to know more about her. Lusahn, however, remembers him all the more. He is human and he is her sworn enemy.

What’s a woman warrior to do?

In this case, Lusahn was instantly attracted to the human warrior’s kind smile, dark eyes, and warm flesh. He brought sunshine into her heart and her world.

The setting for most of the book, takes place in Lusahn’s world, another dimension where there is waning daylight from a dying star. It is cold and gray and we finally learn more about the Other species and why they keep crossing over and we learn what they call themselves too(I’ll keep that secret).

So far it seems that the men in this series are finding their true calling and purpose in life after falling in love. It is quite funny to think how Cullen gets picked on for liking Barak’s sister and soon the Regents will learn of these pairings and that will pose a problem for the Paladins.

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