Review: ‘In Darkness Reborn’ Made Me Sympathize with the Paladins’ Enemy

In Darkness Reborn (Paladins of Darkness, #3)” …they find themselves burning in passion for one another and soon the physical connection they share will blow their minds away …”

In Darkness Reborn by Alexis Morgan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“In Darkness Reborn”, was a fine read with more sensuality and passion and even more information about the Others than the last two books in the series. This one so far is one of my most favorite because now we enter the mind and physiology of the Other- the Paladin’s enemy. And this time, Barak q’ Young finds himself in love with one of the Paladin’s sister, Lacy Sebastian.

First, I’d like to shed light on who Barak is, because without knowing this and why he does what he does, the story would have fallen flat. Barak is pale skinned with dark, but silver lighted hair and he wields a mean sword. He is built and according to accounts from the women in the story, he is very attractive. Coming from a world of darkness, he has normal vision but not too good in light, but his other senses, including a another “secret” sense makes him formidable and useful in the Paladin’s world.

But Barak is lonely, and that chilly loneliness rolls off of him and snakes out to Lacey when she first meets him. The way Barak’s character is portrayed, made me sympathetic towards him. I wanted Lacey to love him unconditionally. I wanted all the Paladins to like him. I questioned: Why is he different from those of his kind? Why did he leave home? Will he ever be accepted by the Paladins?

Lacey does not care. All she knows is that Barak is different and from the moment she shook his hand, there was an electricity between them and eventually they find themselves burning in passion for one another and soon the physical connection they share will blow their minds away and set their hearts ablaze. Making them want more of each other.

Several obstacles hold them back though, many of them personal: Lacey knows her brother will not approve, Barak knows he should not be seen in public with Lacey and that his own people will not approve, and this love affair could be to their own downfall as some foe want information about the blue stones from Barak’s world and will kill to get that information.

I would love to go into more detail, but you will have to read this juicy book yourself. Men sticking together, overcoming adversity and loving someone who is markedly different from you are all recurring themes in this book.

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