In ‘Dark Defender’: Can you love someone more than human?

Dark Defender (Paladins of Darkness, #2)Dark Defender by Alexis Morgan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a Paladin warrior, Blake fights and dies again and again. But this time, as he senses his humanity slipping away, he finds warmth and love in the arms of an old childhood friend, Brenna Nichols. Dark Defender was very good indeed because it explains more about the history of the Paladins while focusing on the love story between Blake and Brenna. Meanwhile characters from Book 1 are reintroduced, of course since this is the start of a beautiful series.

Brenna Nichols just watched her father die and ends up in a coma in a hospital. She hears the gentle voice of an old friend. Someone she has not seen in twelve years. It is Blake. He looks harder, stronger…yummy. She does not know what he really is though and when he tells her, eventually she has to decide whether to give up the passionate nights she has with him and break her heart in two, or stay with him, be by his side and see where it takes her.

Brenna has to make a choice and it is this choice that makes the book more heartfelt, more emotional. Think about it. Her childhood friend who she thought she knew, may have answers about her father’s death and she learns he is more than human?

For those interested, the really cool technical stuff like the fighting and seeking out who killed Brenna’s dad and the case of the mysterious blue stone from the Other’s world are fascinating plot fillers and I have a feeling we’ll learn more about that precious blue stone later.

So far I am in love with this series and each time I am expecting more and more from the characters and the story and have not been disappointed.

On to Book 3: In Darkness Reborn!

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