Review: Dark Protector by Alexis Morgan

Dark Protector (Paladins of Darkness, #1)Dark Protector by Alexis Morgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I miss reading paranormal romances and Alexis Morgan’s Dark Protector gave me all I needed: supernatural, honorable males, smart women and a fantasy backdrop with interesting creatures. Where Dark Protector fails, however, the next book in the series could make up for.

The Story
Devlin Bane is a Paladin- a warrior who dies and comes back to life many times to fight the Others. The lovely Dr. Laurel Young is his Handler. She takes care of Paladins after they die and come back to life.

But this time, Devlin see Dr. Laurel Young as more than his Handler and Laurel can not deny her attraction to this Paladin who is all male and strong, the protector of Earth. Unfortunately, someone wants Devlin dead and here’s the catch…each time a Paladin dies and come back, they lose a shred of humanity and are likely to become an Other.

The Characters
I am a new fan of Band of Brothers books. These kinds of books feature fighters, warriors, protectors who are men who bond together and they fall in love with a woman who can tame their hearts and ways. In this book, Devlin Bane seems to be regaining his humanity each time he comes back rather than lose it and Laurel is puzzled by it. Devlin shows he is good friend and quite the lover but would cross hell and high water to protect his woman.

Laurel is witty and spitfire. She does not care that Devlin is a Paladin- she tells him how it is and she does not cower to no one, not even her own mom. The love she and Devlin share arouses curiosity and jealousy among the Paladin men. They wonder: “Who is this woman to make Devlin want to grin? To smile?”

Dark Protector shows that this book can lead to a satisfying series. The Others were not fully described at first, just referred to as Other. In the end however, their description seem to be no more than maybe pasty colored vampires. I also would like to learn more about the history of the Paladin and the Others.

This was a pretty decent book, perfect for late night reading.

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