Summer 2013 kicked off with intriguing YA books

This summer I kicked off The Write Web’s Reading Blitz focusing on Young Adult novels.  

Why did I choose to review YA? For several reasons, but here is a few:

  • Most of the books are short.
  • The other half of YA books are thick  but easy to plow through.
  • Teens have a life that mirrors our own and the books are written in simple structure without complication, but,
  • Some YA books are complicated and that is good because teenagers are at a complicated stage in life mainly because of their parents(just kidding, no really maybe not- oh well)
  • Some are so good, they are made into film.
  • Just like adult fiction, there are several genres under this category from nonfiction to paranormal to romance,

I could go on and on but during my reading for the month of June I noticed that the books I read held common connections.

For instance, some books held the theme of being able to control dreams and win a boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time.

Then there are books that are focused on multicultural flavor and academics.

Read these awesome titles and see for yourself!

So Not Happening Glow Falling For You Living Violet Domino Falls Avatar Airbender: The Promise

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