Review of ‘Uninvited’, a book more psychological than supernatural despite the vampire

UninvitedUninvited by Amanda Marrone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Uninvited surprised me. Even though it had a pretty good story from the protagonist’s POV and I was able to understand all her teen angst, shortcomings and crazy weird friends- it lost a star for, well…losing traction on the whole vampire thing, but even then maybe there was another story layer…

Jordan’s life is weird. Her boyfriend Michael slept with the entire student body and on top of that, she has a serious drinking and drug problem.

Then Michael dies and he still haunts her. He begs her every night to just open her window and let him in. Jordan knows how the myth goes: Never invite a vampire in. Well, the book makes it seem like he is a vampire and really it is hard to gauge if this is a vamp story or a story about a girl who lives a typical teen life with partying, failing grades and friends you can not trust.

Again, the story was good for what it was but it focused less on Michael and more on Jordan’s other issues: 1) Jordan’s mom is obsessed with looks and travels plenty with her new husband, 2) Michael mentions how Jordan’s friends don’t care about her and he is right about a few of them, 3) Jordan likes a boy named Danny who seems right for her but Danny is not one of those teens who gets wasted at parties-plus what would her dead boyfriend think?, 4) Jordan has a friend named Rachel who loves self help books and thinks she is the next Dr. Phil.

The vampire action does not really take place until the end of the book and should not be considered as the foundation of this book, just one of the plots. The foundation or core of the story is Jordan learning to take care of herself and speaking her mind, choosing to do what is right.

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