Review of ‘Fade’, this series just keep getting more juicy, more thrilling


Fade by Lisa McMann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fade is one book that could not be let go. The author does not shy away from scandalous topics and is not afraid to push the envelope as far as paranormal fiction goes. Also, below is my favorite song to match Janie and Cabel’s story.

InWake(Book #1 in Dream Catcher Series), Janie learns she can go into other people’s dreams. This ability lands her a spot in Captain’s force as a teen detective as she is valuable. Only two people so far knows her secret: Cabel and Captain. Cabel has become so supportive of Janie and their relationships builds- a steady flame grows over the pages as Cabel learns about Janie’s gift.

In Fade(Book #2 in Dream Catcher Series), Janie realizes her gift is a curse she would wish on no one. Who else has this ability? Will she ever be cured of it? So far, the only answers Janie has is in Miss Stubin’s green notebook. Turns out that the seventy year old woman who passed away in the previous novel,left some information about Dream Catching.

Around this time, Captain(Fran Komisky) has an assignment for Janie. It involves teacher student relations in Fieldridge High. The one where perversion and other hideous nightmares run free and someone must stop them. The dreams get worse, but the absolute worst part is Cabel having trouble with this relationship he has with Janie- he becomes more frantic when he realizes she must go undercover to expose a rapist.

The love between Cabel and Janie is what makes a murky, dark story more streaked with light because both are scarred by something internal and external- and they have each other. And when crazy things begin happening all around them they must trust each other.

*Side note: A few songs popped into my head while reading Fade, they were really awesome. One in particular is Spectrum-a lyric video by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma. Just thought I’d add that.

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