Review: ‘So Not Happening’ is so spot on with wit, charm, and truth

So Not HappeningLately I have been reading all kinds of books and it feels great to return to the number one book choice in my life: Christian Fiction. Try as I might, some CFs fall short but Jenny B. Jones Charmed Life Series has me hooked from book 1 and it was so fun that I may have to go out and get the next books in the series.

Here’s a snippet of my review:

Jenny B. Jones serves up a dose of funny with a splash of honest truth in “So Not Happening”. It is a refreshing, honest teen story that resonates with anyone no matter your economic background, race or age; and is enough to make this reader go out and get the next book in the series quick.

Bella’s dad has traded her mother in for a newer, younger woman and her mother has just married a guy she met online. Things cannot possibly get any worse.

Oh yes they can. Bella’s new stepfather, Jake, lives on a farm in Oklahoma-a long way from Bella’s New York home, her mother moves in with him and Bella must go, leaving her A-list social life behind.

(


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