Review: ‘When You Open Your Eyes’ by Celeste Conway

When You Open Your EyesWhen You Open Your Eyes by Celeste Conway

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am unsure where this novel tried to take me and perhaps I immersed myself so much into the character’s lives I became biased…not sure, but in order to explain this book, I have to resort to spoilers.

The good daughter…

First of all, Tessa seems like she has a good head on her shoulders and her family appears to be like any normal family- but when she is around Lucien, she tries to make sure he is alright all the time. If he wants her to do something, she does it. Secondly, he is friends with other girls Esme and Kai and they seem a little too “fast” and are around him a lot. I have a sneaking suspicion Esme likes Lucian because she can rummage through his mother’s closets anytime and Tessa describes her as quite beautiful- he also shares secrets with Esme a lot. Perhaps it is because in my culture, when a boy dates a girl, another girl popping by all the time that isn’t in relation and who is gorgeous sends the green monster of jealousy out, but Tessa calls them her friends.

Yeah right.

Evolution of family.

Meanwhile, Tessa’s family keeps telling her she has changed since meeting her little “French Boy”- she resents that and I agree with the protagonist here because although Tessa is somehow changed with what she spends her time doing(and she is taking pills-very bad!), her family is also evolving. Her mom and dad’s relationship is on the fritz but they put on false smiles for everyone else.

On top of that– Tessa’s best friend back at home is dating Tessa’s ex. Her friend, Noree says to her that basically when Tessa left America to go to Buenas Aires, she left poor Mike in the cold and besides she always liked Mike anyway.

Onward the book goes into Tessa losing best friends and Lucien seems to be withdrawing into himself, painting scary bomb pictures and wanting to lie down in mausoleums to paint. He does seem a little possessive in the book and twice he may have yanked on Tessa kind of hard which is still bad, but the blurb made it seem like there would be more. Instead I feel the author focused on the family and Tessa hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Everyone need to open their eyes.

Perhaps another reader would view the book as the whole family needing to open their eyes and not just Tessa and I’d say that is true. Tessa is not the only one who is so naive. There is a huge fallout in the end when Lucien’s “bomb making” causes concern and when he is seriously hurt, Tessa realizes he really does have issues. Her family have their own “bomb” ticking and it is called Infidelity on her father’s part.

Those scenes I ripped right through, anxious to know the end.

I also do not like Noree even though she could be a great friend- she is with Tessa’s ex boyfriend and even admits she wanted him from the beginning. That should be really hard to forgive(even though Tessa left Mike first), but the author made it so everything is copacetic with Tessa and good ol’ Noree.

So why the three stars?

The book was good, no question. The characters were amazing and there were some really neat scenes I could picture in my mind. The plot and perhaps what I was hoping for, just did not deliver for me.

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