The Write Web site changes, minimalist is pure

Let me start by saying that Summer is truly here and I am thankful and prayerful that students are graduating and moving on in a forward direction in their lives.

With that being said, this blog  will be graduating as well. Beginning with a few changes. The first change is the layout: quick, simple, and easier to navigate. Not many pages at all. There is no “home ” section because you are home. Any new information, book reviews, etc. will be a main post.

Secondly, two new pages have been added. Lit Street and Ya Book Review List. These pages are under construction but let me tell you briefly about them. Lit Street will focus on helping students(of all ages) to read and understand poetry and short fiction, and I will also encourage you in your writing as well. The YA Book Review List was created because of the storm of teens reading books and I thought I’d provide a list of what I have read based on subject matter.

No, this is not strictly a teen site. It is still a general writing blog, a writing forum where we can all connect during our writing adventure. If you look to the right panel, there is a little about me and some links you can click. So, no “About Me” page is necessary.

I hope you find The Write Web to be unique, simplistic but still quite helpful. Soon, it will be even more helpful when I can round up publishing adventures in one area to share with you as well!



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