Review: ‘Falling For You’, shows there is a light piercing darkness in a cruel world

Falling For YouFalling For You by Lisa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rae lives with an abusive stepfather and she has just fallen for the new, hot guy in her school. Unfortunately, it seems as if the hot guy Nathan, acts just like her stepfather and now Rae is in trouble.

Lisa Schroeder’s “Falling For You” is written in regular novel form with pieces of poetry from Rae’s poetry journal. And what happens to Rae is quite disturbing but is not uncommon. From the very beginning, Nathan seems too controlling and Rae does nor know what it is about him- she can not put her finger on it and it confuses her.

Now, right from the start Rae seems very observant and careful about Nathan, truthfully would a seventeen year old know the signs of someone controlling so quickly? In 2013 I suppose so with all the books and exposure to all kinds of weird boyfriend material floating out there, but in this book Rae shows even more strength than her mother- who is also in an abusive relationship.

In the mix of all the madness, Rae leans on good friend Leo, her best friends Alix and Felicia and her job at Full Bloom, a flower shop full of nice people and a positive atmosphere.

I feel that the author was trying to tell us that even when things are dark at home, the world is still full of kind well meaning people and that is where the light is.

A good book for teen daughters to read with their own mothers. Seriously.

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