Review: ‘Tutored’, Hakiam and Wendy get schooled in this quick teen romance

TutoredTutored by Allison Whittenberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, I’d like to say the author gets five stars for character and writing style. It was a quick, fun, enlightening read.

The point is that it was quick, but in that story there is commentary about the problems in African American communities: from presidents, to caring for the poor, to arguments for and against black colleges.

The quirky, witty banter between Hakiam and Wendy is darn right cute but honest. Even though Wendy is from the suburbs and has a father who can’t “Stand them people”, she volunteers at a center in a poor neighborhood to tutor those who need it. That is how she met Hakiam. Hakiam thought Wendy was stuck up but her love of reading and watching classic movies quickly rubs on him.

One character I totally despised: Leesa. Hakiam’s cousin. She reminds me of how selfish women can be whether they are on government assistance or not. She seems to use her baby as a pawn and is jealous when Wendy shows more care for the baby than she does.

This book is perfect for anyone needing a quick read with a little romance about teen drama and high school.

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