Lisa Shroeder’s ‘The Day Before’, a life in shambles meets the cure of love

The Day BeforeThe Day Before by Lisa Schroeder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amber’s life is in shambles and she only knows one way to get out of it. She will go to the beach and live a day of total change. So she calls a limo and heads to the beach to spend a day to herself.

I have never read a Lisa Schroeder book before and this one is in prose. One setback to lyrical prose fiction is that some parts you have to guess, you pick out the clues and make connections that could be wrong but the fun is in the rhythm and the characters. Once Amber gets to the beach, she meets Cade- a handsome, mysterious boy who loves to sing and enjoys macaroni and cheese, yet there is something dark in him and amber wants to be the cure.


“He stares/with such intensity,/ I can’t help but wonder,/What is he thinking? Feeling?/Wishing?”(Shroeder, 2011, p.43)


The cure may be in the form of jellyfish, jellybeans, good dinner, glitter and semi-disclosures in conversation, but will it be enough?

What I enjoyed about Amber’s character is that she wants to be the light for someone else, even though her own life seems to be a mess.

At some points in the book are letters written by a family who desperately want to see her. This is where it gets vague because I was left wondering if she were with adoptive parents, but the truth is revealed eventually.

The lesson? Take each day as it is, don’t complicate it and enjoy it while you have it.

All in all a great book for teens.

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