Free eBook Paranormal Romance, a supernatural and bizarre relationship

Kiss of Stone1 image by Enrico G*Press Release- for bloggers, examiners, and other readers to use.

Free eBook Paranormal Romance, “Kiss of Stone”, Continues Stone and Samosa’s Bizarre Supernatural Relationship

Author Erica Jean Smith Returns With the Story About a Woman Healed of Cancer by Her genie Turned Lover.

Author and resident Erica Jean Smith has published “Kiss of Stone”, the sequel to “Mark of Fortune” about a woman who had breast cancer and meets a mysterious guy in college who claims to be a genie. He then grants her wish and she learns that there is more to a genie than just wishes being granted. There is a deadly consequence and opposing forces-natural and supernatural that will not stop until either one of them are dead.

For a limited time (Sunday June 2 through Saturday June 8) an electronic version of “Kiss of Stone”will be available to the public as a free download at Smashwords at:

While there is a banquet table full of other paranormal fiction out there to choose from, the Mark of Fortune Series features genies who are romantically involved with their women and the women they fall for are not  perfect. The novellas can be read quickly providing entertainment and visceral  enjoyment as you’re whisked away from one reality to a sensuous one where an ending is never really an ending-

It is just the beginning.

About Smashwords

Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of indie eBooks.  They offer a catalog of over 125,000 vetted, well-formatted eBooks from over 50,000 authors and publishers.  Smashwords work with retail partners to help them efficiently ingest and sell their titles. Retail partnerships include Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Sony and Diesel eBooks

About Erica Jean Smith

Erica is the author of the popular eBook download, Mark of Fortune, the first in a series starring genies, humans, and other creatures in between. She began writing at a very young age and discovered that while she enjoyed reading about mythological creatures, she wanted to write about them more. Even monsters have their stories she believes. Erica writes freelance articles on animation and books when not plotting stories.

Erica is currently working on a young adult novel.


Erica Jean Smith

*Press release has been edited for the web



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