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An online article talks about “11 Ways to support an author’s new book“, please head over there to find out how you can support your favorite author.

This particular post is for those who read eBooks.  There are some small yet significant things that you as the reader can do to support the “digital” writers.

Support with the Purchase

The most obvious thing you can do to support an author is “buy their book” as the Writer Unboxed website states. Borrowing or “lending” electronically may up the popularity of the book but really, an author would like, scratch that- Love  to see some dollar signs  as well as downloads for their books.

Support with the read tracking

As a member of Goodreads, I now have an opportunity to update my reading. If I am on the last chapter and it’s getting good, I update that on my homepage and all those who follow me or are my friends can see it. So can Google. So far, as I am read and update a book, others have liked or sent emails about the books I am reading and added it to their shelves. What a great way to spread the word about your favorite author!

Support with reviews…on author’s retailer site

This is an interesting one. As an eBook author myself, I enjoy seeing the download numbers but I really never know how I am doing if no one reviews on the site which publishes and distributes my words. For instance, Smashwords carries my eBooks initially and offers a platform for everyone to give feedback. I believe this causes those searching for a good book to purchase it, and allows the would be buyer to see what others are “saying” about the book.

Support with reviews and ratings

Many sites like Smashwords offer a place to rate and review.,,, and and many more eBook carriers give ratings options(using stars or 1-5) and a text editor to review with comments about the book. I will tell you this from the bottom of my heart: I love a review with ratings and words on any retailer site. The good, bad, and ugly…I pray for good. 🙂

Support with acceptance of blog tours

With blogging tools and all things social media, authors can get in contact with true readers and offer their eBooks files for free if the blogger will post the author’s book on their website during the blog tour date. An accompanying interview and review of the book is greatly appreciated as well. See my review of  ‘Lucid’ by Natalie Roers– this author politely contacted me and asked me to read and review her book and that was nice of her to do so. The book was good by the way!

Support with social media

The blog tour example pretty much exemplifies this. Use your Twitter, G+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and other networks to spread the word about a book. Unlike a physical book that people can see you reading anywhere, you read your books on a PC or tablet and so no one knows unless what author you are reading unless you tell someone.

These are all the tips I myself have used to support fellow authors and maybe you have other tips as well. The main thing is to tell someone about the book, rate it, review it. Let someone know what you are reading and why it is good(or bad).

If you found this post helpful to you, please reblog it, or share it on your social networks. I also welcome comments as the feedback helps me know what I am doing right and wrong.


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