Review of ‘Lucid, ‘ social commentary mix with the paranormal


LucidLucid by Natalie Roers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If a book can mix the effects of bullying, psychology, romance, and witches and capture my interest…then it is a book and author to watch for. “Lucid” receives five stars simply for being unique while shedding some light on how someone born different would feel if they could control everything with their dreams. Although a certain character surprised me when I learned what they were- and that really were threw me off a bit, the book is still really good.

Born disfigured, Travis yearns to be “normal” like everyone else and to have the girl of his dreams Corrine dance in his arms. Little did he know that through his dreams he can be whatever he wants to be and so much more. With this gift however, all is not gold. Travis will have to decide if living the dream world would benefit him and the girl whom he loves. In the midst of his dream world Travis does see more clearly with the help of a certain doctor with a pretty cool accent and Corrine’s insight. The scenes in the book are gorgeous when we enter the dream world with Travis.

It is refreshing to read a book from the male POV (point of view) and in the mind of the bullied. Now, there is a small amount of bullying in the book but it is enough to know that Travis had never really been accepted- he should try accepting himself first. His emotions and stream of thought is very relatable: How do we really know if someone like us for who we are? What if we can stay in the dream world forever, would that solve our problems?

Read ‘Lucid’ to find out.

Three-time Emmy-nominated journalist, Natalie Roers aka Natasha Rrrr is a published author and voice artist. Her highly anticipated debut novel, Lucid, is currently climbing the Amazon Top 100 with a portion of the proceeds being donated to anti-bullying efforts. Available for download now at a discounted rate of only $4.99. This price won’t last! Download now!  Lucid, by Natalie Roers
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