Review of ‘Glass’ proves Kristina did not learn her lesson…

Glass by Ellen Hopkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I guess Kristina did not learn in “Crank” about what crank, a.k.a. The Monster is really capable of. So much has happened here so I’ll be brief and leave out some really juicy parts.

In “Glass”-the follow up to Crank, Kristina has a beautiful baby boy, named Hunter Seth and he looks like his father(the handsome lifeguard from “Crank” who forced himself on Kristina). She lives with her mom and her step-dad and brother. Her sister Leigh lives with her partner, Heather.

All seems to float easy on the surface…but we are privy to Kristina’s internal dialogue:

“So it will come /at no surprise to you that lately/I have been hearing the plea/of the monster, distant/at first but creeping closer…”(Hopkins,2007, p.20: Glass).

She gets a few sniffs, some puffs, smokes and finds herself leaving behind baby Hunter in the wake of her trysts with The Monster and the monster brings along a few “friends”: Brad, Trey, and a few faces she never thought she’d see again.

She falls for Trey- hard. He is everything to her and he walks around with the monster. He says he loves her too, but what Kristina will learn is that loving someone and caring for the person you love are two different things…even when they should not be.

If you liked Crank, Glass is another important book about the power of addiction.

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