Young adult books: Is the genre getting stale?

So, what’s the slug in YA genre? Someone on Goodreads posed a good question: Is there any originality out there? There seems to be molds every writer is trying to fit into. Let’s name two popular  molds:

The Twilight Mold

The Hunger Games Mold

The Twilight mold has a basic plotline like this:

Girl meets boy

Boy turns out to be supernatural

Possible love triangle?

The Hunger Games Mold:

Dystopian present

Dystopian future

Fighting for survival(some supernatural slant possible)

I can not fault authors who write within the paranormal or dystopian lines. Their storylines are basically original and the characters are unique so I can not be mad. However if teens are feeling as if their reading choices have become stale,  what can we do to shake it up?

I crawled around on and Amazon to find some unique reviews. I will list some of the books here that will hopefully wake up your enjoyment to YA reading again.

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Halflings by Heather Burch(Twilight fans will love this, but at least it has the faith factor for Christian Readers)

River of Time Series by Lisa Tawn Bergren

The Bluford Series-recommended to librarians and schools)

Monster and other great books by Christopher Pike

I hear that another book, Divergent is swinging on the mountain of success as well.

*If you have read any of these books, please share here.  Feedback on this blog enables me to be sure I am putting out the right stuff, so comment, share, email, whatever. Let’s chat.


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