Review: ‘Crank’ by Ellen Hopkins

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an interesting book! Fiction told using verses.

Kristina seems to be the Speaker/Protagonist in this work. She comes from a pretty normal family but in spared words tells us: her sister is a lesbian and her brother is too young to be a confidant and her mother is more focused on her looks and writing her books and her boyfriends.

Eventually, she spends a few weeks with her dad and she finds his neighbor is a hot looking guy named Adam but people call him “Buddy”- so she hooks up with Adam and he introduces Kristina(who calls her alter ego, “Bree”) to crank. A.K.A. crack or cocaine. She begins a downward spiral drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and eventually moved on to something more hardcore towards the end of the book. But all the while, Kristina-“Bree” is battling more than one Monster: her hormones, her thoughts, the boys,and her family.

The subject matters tackled: Teen drug use. Teen abuse. Family matters. Sex. Certainly a book worth reading.

As I understand it, “Glass” and “Fallout” are the sequels to this very powerful book.

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*For an in-depth review of the Crank story and how men play a vital role in Kristina’s life, please head to “Crank Review” on my hub


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