Uncomfortable characters in ‘The Thirteenth Sacrifice’ by Debbie Viguie

In “The Thirteenth Sacrifice” Samantha Ryan’s past haunts her-which manifests itself in her dreams complete with screams, blood, and cutting rituals  and now it is affecting her job and those she care about.

Samantha Ryan is a witch. From one of the most powerful coven. However, she is now a Christian and Boston cop by choice and refuses to use her powers for any reason.

Until people start showing up dead on college campuses and everywhere else.

Now, I am not really into Witchy books but after reading the “Crusade Series” by Debbie Viguie and Nancy Holder, I thought I’d try this one out. Also, Viguie’s Kiss Trilogy is good. The Thirteenth Sacrifice was fascinating with added suspense and the unexpected twist in the end. A couple of things made the book a page turner:

Uncomfortable characters.

Samantha Ryan is not a comfortable character, meaning she is like you and I but she is a witch and when she is asked to go undercover;  she  uses her spells and magic to try to capture the killer. She employs old sets of skills, rehash old nightmares to seek clues and do even more diabolical things I will not even mention here.

Eventually she meets Anthony who owns an Occult museum and he is handsome has intense green eyes…and hates witches with a passion. Samantha finds herself in a complex situation given that he hates witches and they begin liking one another. Samantha’s partner, Ed is a comfortable character and is married. However he handles Samantha’s secret will determine if he is a partner worth having.

Power sequences.

Since reading action filled books like Crusade, Halflings, and other novels, I find that scenes with people using powers requires imagination and maybe some science. I was thoroughly interested in how Samantha would get herself out of sticky situations. Is she stronger than the High Priestess? Is there more power she can tap into?

Was there more I wanted to see from The thirteenth Sacrifice?


I wanted more than just a sprinkle of romance. It is quite there and a few pages do sizzle with possibilities but at least the book held my interest and I am definitely going to read Book 2: The Last Grave.

*To You: Are you more into action, romance or the perfect balance? Why? 🙂


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