Review of ‘Crusade’ by Holder and Viguie, vamps, witches and…priests?

The Crusade is on…

An international, intercultural team of six teenaged vampire hunters, trained in Salamanca, Spain goes to New Orleans seeking to rescue team member Jenn’s younger sister as the vampires escalate their efforts to take over the Earth.*

The basic story is this: Jenn is part of a fighting team called on to fight vampires. This is not a story where vampires are nice people or even civilized. Well, except for Jenn’s fighting partner Antonio de la Cruz. He is also her boyfriend and finds himself constantly fighting his bloodlust when he’s near her. Their other team members have excepted him only as someone who can sniff out the vamps. Holgar, another team mate is a werewolf, Skye is a rasta braid wearing White Witch. And they each have a hidden pain, a hidden story deep inside and it could tear the groups apart.

My Personal, Favorite Moments

I am in love with Antonio and Holgar, the two monsters of the team, who don’t act like monsters and seem to have more integrity and more of soul than the others. As a person who loves romance the moments where Antonio and Jenn kiss or touch or even just talk are what I like the most. I wish there was more of it, but there is a war going on and so the book is composed mostly of fighting scenes and investigative work.

The language, the team bond, even the settings seemed real in my mind. The authors did an awesome job detailing the settings of Span and New Orleans and connecting the story to how real WWIII could be if evil completely took over.

The book is pretty hefty, about 470 pages long and with lots of flashbacks for each character, all in third person omniscient also I lost track of a couple of names as the book can gobble up a reader’s memory of the many characters.

But it still does not lose the attractiveness of the story.

*Brief summary taken from inside the book.

Favorite Quote/Scene:

Father Juan hadn’t discouraged the relationship between Antonio and Jenn. The truth was that there was something powerful about their love-something transcendent. He could only relate it to the love of God.”(pp.462-463)

Kudos to Holder and Viguie!

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